Russian Bridge Sways in the Wind

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Russian Bridge Sways in the Wind

Russian authorities closed the newly built Volgograd Bridge to all motor traffic on May 21, 2010 due to strong oscillations caused by windy conditions of up to one-meter amplitude and the threat of it collapsing.


The 7,110 meters long bridge is expected to remained closed for three days while it is inspected for damage.

The bridge is a single span (a second is still under construction) concrete girder bridge over the Volga River in the city of Volgograd, Russia. It is the first bridge over the Volga in Volgograd, as previously the only automobile route over the river in the region passed over the Volga Hydroelectric Station dam.

The bridge was inaugurated on October 10, 2009, after 13 years of construction, and is a key part of a planned 30-kilometer highway route that also includes a future bridge over the Akhtuba River.

The city of Volgograd was formerly called Tsaritsyn (1589–1925) and Stalingrad (1925–1961). It is an important industrial city and the administrative center of Volgograd Oblast, Russia.


A bridge in Volgograd in southern Russia has been closed after it started to sway dangerously. Several people were travelling across the bridge in cars when it started moving, but there were no injuries reported.

Panorama of the Volgograd Bridge

Volgograd Bridge in Russia

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